You can make a difference.

We can all make a difference when it comes to standing up and taking action to help create a better future. My priorities for the Kaua’i County are based around long-term health and sustainability of our people, culture and environment. The following information outlines those issues that I feel are most important for Kaua'i County and our community.

Culture & Environment

I support community education and programs that will help teach the importance of culture, community and life skills to our youth and all ages. Courses that are provided by the community that offer information and understandings about place names, history, culture, survival and much more. These programs can come in the form of handouts, signs in strategic locations, classes and community outreach programs.  These programs can be general and some targeted at certain groups, such as tourists (about how to interact with our environment and ocean, for example) or for locals.

Cultural education is a large part of this vision, with concepts of malama ‘aina, ahupua'a land and ocean style management, island sustainability, and native plant and ecosystem restoration. 

Food Security

The importation of nearly 90% of our food is a serious concern for me. I will support initiatives to help produce local food to feed local people and reduce the cost of good quality food so that more local families can afford local quality produce.

It is not sustainable for our island to depend on so much being shipped in from thousands of miles away. I will help facilitate programs and policies that support local agriculture, local food production and farm-to-table initiatives.

I want to help facilitate edible landscapes and community gardens that can help to bring down the cost of local good food, turn lawns into gardens and provide community education. 


I am concerned about the quality of our water and our access to it. I understand the importance of water in both our immediate and long-term future. I am particularly passionate about restoring 'auwai structures and the maintenance of our waterways, to ensure a healthy flow of water from mauka to makai. Drinking water and local water rights are very important.

I support local access rights for water gathering, particularly for local agricultural needs. I understand this needs to be well managed and monitored to ensure that this critical resource is being used wisely and appropriately.

I look forward to working with skilled members of our County, State governments and community to develop appropriate and viable solutions for higher quality less expensive water.

I will support water education programs that help people take ownership in our water supply and learn how to better conserve and use this precious resource.


There is no doubt we need safer roads for pedestrians, school children, cyclists and moped users. I support thoughtful targeted improvements to help facilitate this, while considering the context of the project in local community.

Our roads are dangerous and they are constantly being degraded and requiring maintenance. I would like to find long term solutions that use modern road design research to help us build more durable and safe road systems for Kaua'i. I believe the improvements to our road design could save lives and I am committed to investigating ways we can improve in this area.

I support the development of more complete and safer streets in high density subdivision areas. I would like to review traffic flow and accident data to help identify areas where signs, speed limit changes, road upgrades, guardrails and other safety features may be needed.

I would like to see our infrastructure design move to incorporate native and appropriate landscaping, so that we may use plants that are suited to roadsides. This way we are reducing road maintenance while providing a solution to replace roadside pesticide spraying and mowing permanently.

I will commit to working with the community to find immediate solutions for bus shelters and improving public transport.

Drug Rehabilitation

We need to work towards finding thorough solutions for the drug problems that we have here on Kaua’i. In particular, solutions that would help our youth avoid the pressures and bad decisions that lead to drug use. I want to support programs that will provide health, cultural and environmental education to better deal with the underlying societal issues, expressed by the significant drug use we have.

I want to support efforts to help with the rehabilitation of inmates so that they are able to, find purpose, jobs and assimilate into a contributing role in our community. 


Improving our local economy and job opportunities on Kaua’i is a primary focus for me. I believe strongly in keeping local opportunities, contracts and jobs in local hands. I’m committed to finding out how we can do that better.

We need to look for additional funding sources without turning to increasing taxes and pressures on local families. I am passionate about coming up with good quality fundraising opportunities for our county and ways to better budget our financial resources.

Waste Management

I am passionate about helping Kaua’i better reduce, reuse and recycle so that we are more aware of the waste we produce and are better able to limit it.  I am all for the inclusion of alternative waste technologies in our decision making processes and facilitating better recycling options and incentives.

I will work to create better and more resourceful transfer stations that are accessible and user friendly. I will seek solutions for replacing and reducing materials that cannot be recycled while working to expand what we can recycle locally.


As the prices of gas and electricity continue to rise, burning fossil fuels for energy is becoming less sustainable for our island and our world.

I support community discussions for alternative energy solutions. I support incentives for people to be able to go solar affordably and actions taken by the county to replace our energy use with more renewable sources.

New energy solutions are sometimes controversial and culturally sensitive. Its important to me that these projects are done sensitively, for both the environment and culture. I will work for better community engagement and solutions that don't involve drastic earthworks or changes to our environment or way of life. 


Our education system is an extremely important part of our society and is in need of attention and improvement. I will work with state officials, school faculties, and our community to find ways to continue to improve our education system and programs. I’m interesting in finding ways we can support more extracurricular activities, both cultural and fundamental. Creating opportunities for community involvement and youth apprenticeship. I will support additional educational programs and opportunities including parents who home school, charter school, after school and weekend programs.

I believe all children deserve a good education and that our public educational system should strive to be of the highest standard. I will investigate ways to better fund educational programs and resources and help us adopt modern and effective hands on teaching methods that allow our children to enjoy as they learn. It is important we incorporate what we have learned about the unique ways individuals learn and cater to the needs of the children in our community.

If elected by the people to represent them, I commit to working collaboratively to improve our community. I commit to listening to my constituents about their concerns and what matters to them and working on viable, appropriate and forward thinking solutions.

I am committed to helping create a healthy, abundant and vibrant community.

I am committed to the betterment of Kaua’i and Ni’ihau and would be honoured to serve it and its people.
— Tiana